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Moving Forward

with Vision - Kamba Language of Kenya

Friends and contributors to Tonembee are dedicated to personal, one-on-one support for Kithuia Village, Kenya. Our all-volunteer team both in Canada and Kenya, works directly with the villagers, so 100% of contributions go directly to the needy and qualified students and families. 

You are 100% in charge of where your money goes. There are several ways you can help with education, solar cookers, and travel costs. Please click above or on our Donation page and let us know how you'd like us to spend your contribution and if you require a Canadian registered tax receipt.

Tonembee Association is a registered Canadian charity, dedicated to education and alternative sustainable energy use in third world countries. Currently we aid a small village in rural Kenya by educating girls and boys who otherwise would never have a chance to attend high school or university. Additionally, we  provide funds and resources for the creation and distribution of solar cookers. These astonishing, low tech devices have helped the villagers to dramatically improve their environment and eradicate water bourne diseases like dysentery, cholera, and typhoid.

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