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A Lifeline for a Community


For $40 you can purchase and donate a solar cooker or fireless basket (kikapu) which will change the lives of an entire family and community. Solar cookers have brought trees and humidity back to the deforested village. During the worst famine and drought in recorded history, villagers' health has significantly improved because more nutrients are saved in the cooking process. Typhoid, cholera, lung disease, and dysentery rates have dropped and children no longer fear attacks while searching far and wide for dwindling firewood. By not having to spend hard earned money on charcoal, families are now able to send more kids to school and provide for their community in other ways.

The Future of a Community

As you see in Leonard's video above, Tonembee is about one-on-one support for education. One sponsor = one student. You can send a hard-working, deserving girl or boy to high school for $680 per year where they are housed, fed, and educated; giving them a foundation for life, not otherwise possible. With the rise of terrorism and child soldiers worldwide, this is a way to provide a positive alternative to poverty-stricken young minds. Tonembee offers a secular mandate allowing the student to self-empower, determining their own fate and future along with local guidance.

Many of our bright, industrious students qualify for university. Ranging from $1400 - $4,000 per year, your support can transform the these young lives, preparing them for a future in careers they never knew existed.

Please Click on our Donation button below and let us know how you would like us to allocate 100% of your funds. Canadian Tax Receipts will be issued.
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