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By donating a solar cooker or fireless basket (kikapu) to a family, you will help them reduce their reliance on firewood and charcoal, reduce their costs, and lower their risk for cholera, typhoid, dysentery, and lung disease.


Tonembee is proud to partner with several corporations and institutions. Our past alliances include  Solar Cookers International, Aeroplan, Green4Good Recycling, Ryerson University, and various other groups. If your organization is interested in partnering with us and sharing skills, experience, and/or funds, please let us know. We are a registered Canadian Charity and can issue tax receipts.

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By sending a girl or boy to high school or university you can change their life, family, community, and country forever. Education is the key to helping people who have nothing begin to find value and empowerment in their lives, helping them find work and sustenance, triumphing over the cycle of poverty, vulnerability, war and disease that traps so many.


You can help Tonembee Association and Kithuia Village in a few different ways.


For $40, you can purchase and donate a solar cooker or fireless basket (kikapu) which will change the lives of an entire family. Solar cookers have brought trees back to the deforested village. During the worst famine and drought in recorded history, villagers' health has improved because more nutrients are saved in the cooking process. Typhoid, cholera, lung disease, and dysentery rates have dropped. Children no longer fear attacks while searching far and wide for dwindling firewood.

You can send a hard-working, deserving student to high school for $680 per year where they are housed, fed, and educated, giving them a life foundation not otherwise possible.

Many of our bright, industrious students qualify for university. Ranging from $1400 - $4,500 per year, your support can transform these lives, preparing them for futures and careers they never knew existed.

With your help, Kithuia Village and Tonembee Association can keep "Moving Forward with Vision" (Kamba Language)






100% of all donated funds to Tonembee go directly to the village. A small group of us volunteer and the administration time and energy can be huge. If you have expertise in the accounting or fundraising fields, please let us know. We are also trying to help the villagers create a sustainable business model for producing and distributing solar cookers in their country and abroad. If you have any entrepeurial skills or experience you would like to offer, we would be pleased to issue you a tax receipt for your efforts.

Tonembee Association is a Registered Canadian Charity. Tax receipts will be issued. 
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